Are these really lame reasons not to hire tester? (part 1)

I came across the following post the other day via a link on Linked in that a friend posted. you can see the original post here:- LINK

The general gist of the post by bughuntress is giving details of 5 lame reasons why companies do not hire competent testers, but while reading through it I could not help but feel that maybe the post was being a bit harsh by calling them lame. Therefore over the next few blog posts I will look at each of those 5 “Lame” reasons and assess whether they are as lame as proclaimed by the original post.  This post we look at lack of time or budget.

Lack of budget or time.

What bughuntress says:

Usually this excuse leads to making programmers do testers’ work. Indeed, testing by programmers themselves can save you some money. But you should take into the consideration, that hiring a tester is cheaper than hiring a programmer of the same level, so you will pay programmers for work that testers can do for less salary.

Another obvious thing is that when testing their own code programmers tend to miss some errors which testers wouldn’t. All in all, while developing a complex project it will become clear that testers are more of an investment than useless spending of money

So is lack of budget or time a lame excuse for not hiring testers? in my opinion the answer is a very short one. two letters short.. its “NO”.

Getting into the specifics of what bughntress is saying; I agree that when you don’t have dedicated testers, but you do wish to perform some form of testing, then there is a good chance that the testing will be done by your developers, or maybe your analysts, or BA’s or stakeholders. Are testers cheaper than these other people? probably, but are your testers (should you hire them) going to be always 100% utilised as testers?  if they are not then there will be time when they will be burning cost without adding value, unless they bring other skills in which case your still using one of those resource I mentioned a minute ago.

Also, I think that the view a developer testing their own code are more likely to miss an error that a tester would not is a little old fashioned and a bit of a myth in my experience. Even if they were the case just because you don’t have a dedicated test team, does not mean that a developer has to “mark his own homework”; peer reviews or any of the other roles I mentioned above could add a different viewpoint on the product being tested and add value. With these other things some pretty descent testing can still be achieved without the additional outlay for a dedicated tester in my opinion.

My Verdict: Not a lame excuse. There are very valid reasons why time or budget restrictions would mean that it was not viable or indeed sensible to hire a dedicated tester, and to assume that developers cant test is both wrong and disrespectful in my opinion.

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