I am a tester, and I have been since 1998 when I fell into the industry…. I am Darren Hails, and welcome to my blog.

I live in England, and testing is all I have ever done in my working life. OK so there was the double glazing sales and post room clerk jobs that I am trying to forget. Anyway, as I said, I fell in to testing in 1998 when I was 21. I had no university degree, in fact IT seemed to be the only thing I really excelled at in High School.

I knew I wanted to work in IT but had no specific skills. However testing was a way in to the industry in the eyes of my first full time employer; a stepping stone on the way to becoming a solutions analyst or developer, and so I took the opportunity thinking “in 6 months to a year I will be high flying developing the latest and great software”.

17 years later and I am still in testing and still love it’s complexities and the challenges it brings on a daily basis. These days I am more on the management side, and am currently Principal consultant for a Testing Services company.

Outside of work I am a husband, father of two lovely girls both under 2, and a competitive tenpin bowler.

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